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CITRONELLA ESSENTIAL OIL (Cymbopogon winterianus) Citronella Oil is 100% Pure essential oil Derived from dried grass of Cymbopogon winterianus. The oil is used extensively as a source of perfumery chemicals such as citronellal, citronellol, and geraniol. These chemicals find extensive use in soap, candles and incense, perfumery, cosmetic, and flavouring industries throughout the world. Citronella oil is also a plant-based insect repellent and has been registered for this use in the United States since 1948. The United States Environmental Protection Agency considers oil of citronella as a biopesticide with a non-toxic mode of action. Citronella oil has strong antifungal properties, and is effective in calming barking dog Appearance : Transparent liquid Aroma : Lemony, Grassy, Floral Mixes well with : Basil, bergamot, cedar wood, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, lemon, lime, oregano, penny royal, pine, rosemary, orange, and tea tree. Extraction method: Steam distillation of fresh or dried grass. Uses: 1. Citronella is usually overlooked as an aromatherapy oil. 2. Citronella possesses warming and activating qualities on biological levels. 3. The essential oil of Citronella has an uplifting effect on mood. It has a softening effect on the skin and also helps to combat excessive perspiration - making it extremely useful for use on feet. 4. Citronella oil is used in soaps, as a mosquito repellent in insect sprays , candles. 5. Besides oil production, citronella grass is also used for culinary use, such as in tea. 6. The oil is used externally as an insect repellant. 7. This oil is used for relieving headaches, migraines and rheumatism. 8. It can be used as an antiseptic and to sanitize kitchen counters and chopping blocks. 9. It is mostly used in the fragrance industry as turning candle making like Parfum Magnifique, Spa Luxury, Fragrance Oils and Yummy Fragrance and feng shui candle, natural wax candles, unity candle arrangements, roman candles and environmentally friendly candles. 10. Citronella oil is used in many cosmetic preparation like shampoos, conditioners, hair and scalp treatment. Why us? 100% Pure and Organic Oils Desired Quantity Offered Reasonable Prices Bulk And Ready Stocks Shree Overseas Exports is USDA Certified Organic Supplier We also offer private labelled bottles for buyers, with their company name / logo printed as per buyer's instructions We will handover the shipment to Customs within 5 days of order confirmation with proper handling marking on master cartons. Delivery Directly to FBA by UPS/DHL/Fedex is also available We accept payment via T/T, LC, Paypal We can deliver shipment to any Airport/Seaport in World as per your choice. We also have a/c with leading Courier Companies like : DHL, TNT, Fedex, EMS for doorstep deliveries to our clients We can manufacture any: Natural Essential Oils Essential Oil Blends Spice Oils Rectified Essential Oils Aromatic Chemicals & Isolates Carrier Oil Indian Vegetable Seed Oil Traditional Indian Atars Indian Absolutes and Waxes Hydrosols
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